Comment regulations.

Comments will all be moderated because of the many haters and flamers in WoW.

Offtopic, bad or abusive language and insults will not be tolerated and deleted. Extremly stupid posts will be used and will be statistically recordet. Critism is always welcome and recommendet asskissers will be ignored. Emoticons, leetspeak or chatlanguage like "lol" "rofl" etc. can lead to further ignorance or humorus abuse..

Gold, powerleveling or other commercial related comments will also be deleted.

Links to illegal sites will be reported or ignored, links to your Blogs or Homepages will be judged seperately. If it goes with the topic I´ll generally see it as an additive information base. What means its ok.

Comments about potentially bad grammar or other inblog errors will be deleted after correcting theese issues. Think of me being thankful for theese corrections.