Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sorry and Stange Specs.

So, sorry for yesterday, got a bit suprised by RL in the wrong time. My apologies. But well Saturday / Sunday is clearly times wich I should avoid planning anything.

I´ll go straight for the specs, the "correction" Post will be released on Monday.

As you remember we have on german servers 5689 in total.

So whats about serious strange things here. I'll do the class-seperation another day and just look at real abnormes. Such as:

WotLK- time (4931):
102 of type all in one = 71 in one specialisation.
97 of the type I'm an useless hybrid such as feral-moonkin.
79 of I'll only spend all the talent-points I have at level 70! (both specs)
46 of 0/0/0 doing Instances or Raids without any point spend.

So up to the numbers. All of them M&S yes you got that one right (683).
15% of 71-Type
14% of strange hybrids.
12% 70's oldschool.
7% I' have skill I don't have to skill.

So did that change by Cataclysm? Yes clearly now up to the numbers (758, 303 M&S):
128 of Max(37)/X/X-Type
0 of strange hybrids. (as you remember no Hybrids since 4.0.1)
48 80's oldschool.
58 I' have skill I don't have to skill.

So we get a:
42% Maximisers.
16% 80's spec.
19% No speccers.

Yes of course the M&S are not defined by their specs alone. Some quite strange things also happen at the lower-average section, but at least the do perform. None of theese was 0/0/0-Type.

Plannings for next week:
-Diagrams (yes colour)
-Contunueing the translation process
-M&S correction center (yes that name is a bit sarcastic)

So first M&S interview ist Monday at 7:00. Have a nice Sunday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Multi dimensional Performance

I'd like to poke a Stone here. I know I just have a very little audience (well I´m speaking to myself constantly so no real matter here) but I´d like to share some thoughts.

Player performance is a critical value as I think. You can define a DPSs performance only by DPS. Clearly this would be extremly ignorant for any situation unless you have an Patchwork-encounter.

There is one more value that comes into the game at all classroles:
Surviability. Well exatcly that's movement in many fights but also reaction and awarness as we know it from Thaddius (personal favorite) or Grobbulus in Nax.

And then another value what is a bit more tricky. That's what I'd call performance (yes I know performance as an aspect of performance. Not very creative).
That would be interrupting, disspelling, battle-rezzing and other minor tasks every classrole can do. Normally we have some assigned raid- or groupmember who interrupts ability X. But as soon as he is unavailable as by LoS or CC-effects another raidmember must take his place.

The trouble now is that there is a hard value for Damage by comparing it to DPS (a bit flawed but well, we should usually look at the total damage done). Tanks would be scaled by TPS or thread in total (has to value aggro resets here) and healer by HPS or Healing in total.
And we have a hard value for surviability as that would be damage taken. This naturally scales negatively (more damage taken = worse). Tanks would be differently viewed to exclude aimed bossstyles and include mitigration and avoidence positively.
But what´s about performance. We have to give "bonus points" here or some "stars"? Well you could call out fails, when someone fails to disspell or interrupt something. But that would mean half the raid in many times.

So performance would be normally zero unless someone appears doing something that saves the day (speaking of the eytreme). And someone who does his performance-job well gets nothing? Well he has a job to do what causes him to do less DPS / Thread / HPS so he should be granted something.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Buisness or Busyness?

So I´ll be caculating up the promised numbers for Professions. I only look at Professions above 475 at lvl 85 or 450 at lvl 80. Everything else is called no profession as the special profession bonus is wasted.

As posted in the last puplicion I´ve gegistered 5689 Players totally.
986 M&S-type of players, 4029 average Players and  674 really good Players.

So now let´s look at the Professions:

- Mining: 2160 = 38%
- Skinning: 1233 = 21%
- Herbalism: 910 = 16%

- Enchanting: 1102 = 19%
- Tailoring: 819 = 14%
- Leatherworking: 613 = 11%
- Blacksmith: 593= 10%
- Jewelcrafting: 763 = 13%
- Engeneering: 842 = 15%
- Inscription: 479 = 8%

Total: 9514 = 167% that means 84% total.

But yes I have some more details 1034 = 18%  have only one profession and 415 =  7% have none.
So what to say any further? Yes let´s look over the player values:

M&S-Type (986 total):
- Mining: 124 = 12%
- Skinning: 132 = 13%
- Herbalism: 43 = 4%

- Enchanting: 68 = 7%
- Tailoring: 43 = 4%
- Leatherworking: 83 = 8%
- Blacksmith: 98 = 10%
- Jewelcrafting: 157 = 16%
- Engeneering: 108 = 11%
- Inscription: 12 = 1%

- Two Professions: 286 = 29%
- One Profession: 296 = 30%
- No Profession: 404 = 41%

Average-Player (4029 total):
- Mining: 1939 = 48%
- Skinning: 1013 = 25%
- Herbalism: 812 = 20%

- Enchanting: 923 = 23%
- Tailoring: 659 = 16%
- Leatherworking: 476 = 12%
- Blacksmith: 215 = 5%
- Jewelcrafting: 438 = 11%
- Engeneering: 581 = 14%
- Inscription: 283 = 7%

- Two Professions: 3316 = 82%
- One Profession: 707 = 18%
- No Profession: 6 =~0,1%

Really good Players (674 total):
- Mining: 97 = 14%
- Skinning: 88 = 13%
- Herbalism: 55 = 8%

- Enchanting: 111 = 16%
- Tailoring: 117 = 17%
- Leatherworking: 54 = 8%
- Blacksmith: 280 = 42%
- Jewelcrafting: 168 = 25%
- Engeneering: 153 = 23%
- Inscription: 184 = 27%

- Two Professions: 638 = 95%
- One Profession: 31 = 5%
- No Profession: 5 = ~0,01%

As you can see the better a player performes, the better he cares about his character. Since Professions are a decent boost and an extremly essential source of incoming Gold. But the Gold point has been already talked to the death.
Addition: As you see farming Professions are most common in mid performance levels, since they are taken to provide their Tradeskills. Most "good performing" Players are able to feed their Tradeskills by the AH. Also "difficult" or "new" professions as Inscription or Blacksmithing are also more common in the higher performance level. That´s not really exciting but it proves better planning and execution of profession leveling.

Next Post I´ll analyse my recent effords in educating M&S. I´ve had a pretty good succession ratio 13 / 17 what is about 76%. But the Time gone by doing this is a bit extreme (28 hours of chatting). But read the details at next Post I plan to do it the Weekend so it should be online Sunday at 7:00 Berlin-Time.

PS: A philosophy-Post will be published tomorrow 7:00 Berlin-Time. I have some development in mind, nothing really revolutionary but could be worth a share.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let´s get started.

Since I really don´t know how mouch work this project will be I´d only guarantee one posts a week. Just as a small addition this blog will be done in german and in english, so it´ll be kind of double work.

At first I´d like to write the motivation to add up a "brand new WoW-blog". I started up a Morons and Slackers statistic when I started reading Greedy goblin. It´s been a few months since then and I got some numbers up. But that´s not all. I want to do more than to share pure numbers.

So what´s more in it than just calculating up all misspected and stupid acting players in WoW?
I hope to analyse and edjucate them. Maybe have some "fun" with all of you sharing the most interesting speciem with the rest of, let´s call it community.

So let´s get startet and add up some numbers for now.

7146 Players registered total. Theese are fractured into:
- 1412 so called M&S. (3k DPS and below on 85, failing movement constantly, dancing-in-voids)
- 4853 "average" Players. (I see myself in that section)
- 881 really good Players. (10k DPS undergeared and not missing a single spot of the encounter)

But yes that´s not all. I also have made two different tables for EU-DE-Realms (my home) and EU-ENG-Realms (home of the PuG and thereby home of my twink Ðesolate). So it´s time to bring both up.

5689 Players totally registered.
- 986 M&S-type of players.
- 4029 average Players.
- 674 really good Players.
So we get 17,3% M&S, 70,8% Average-Joes. 11,9% Godlikes.

1457 Players in total.
- 426 M&S-Type.
- 826 averages.
- 205 Godlikes.
So we have 29,2% M&S, 56,7% Average-Joes, 14,1% Godlikes.

In first sight it doesn´t draw a nice picture of the EU-ENG-Realms. But then I started to split up the tables once more. Into Cataclysm and WotLK based. Well there comes the interesting part:

EU-DE-Realms WotLK:
4931 Players totally registered.
- 683 M&S-type of players.
- 3631 average Players.
- 617 really good Players.
13,9% M&S, 73,6 Average, 12,5% Gods of WoW.

EU-DE-Realms Cataclysm:
758 Players totally registered.
- 303 M&S-type of players.
- 398 average Players.
- 57 really good Players.
40% M&S, 52,5% Average, 7,5% Gods of WoW.

EU-ENG-Realms WotLK:
682 Players in total.
- 124 M&S-Type.
- 431 averages.
- 127 Godlikes.
18,2% M&S, 63,2% Averages, 18,6% Gods of WoW.

EU-ENG-Realms Cataclysm:
775 Players in total.
- 302 M&S-Type.
- 395 averages.
- 78 Godlikes.
39% M&S, 51% Averages, 10% Gods of WoW.

And yes that´s more like it. As you can see it seems like M&S have grown bigger in random heroics. Maybe it´s also the new system that confuses many Players. I will be looking up the ones I recordet in WotLK to look at their specs and statistics to hopefully find some clearly M&S by that way.

Next Week I will bring up one detail of my staistic:
The professions. I will sum up how many players of what type have what profession and how far skilled. I hope I can get some of your interest by my humble attemt to make the so called community more visible.

Edit: Profession Post will be published 1/13/11 7:00 Berlin-Time.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Preblog Stuff.

Aloah eh,

I want to take a short step introducing myself. I am one of the many WoW playing beeings from Germany. I am not a professional as many claim nor am I unemployed or living for WoW. I have about 2-3 hours of playtime per day no sponsor and an active social life.

I am an average casual player. Not skilled over the top and not claiming to be leet. But I have an active brain. And that seems to be rare if I usually look at the WoW-Community.

Yes and that´s the point. Let´s go deep under the skin of the nobrain lolkids. And find a way to get their brain active again. You will read interesting, maybe shocking details and statictics. And also I hope to bring up some hard numbers about the stupidity we encounter every day playing World of Warcraft.

So the first statistic post will start tomorrow. I hope to get the german Blog up the same time.