Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sorry and Stange Specs.

So, sorry for yesterday, got a bit suprised by RL in the wrong time. My apologies. But well Saturday / Sunday is clearly times wich I should avoid planning anything.

I´ll go straight for the specs, the "correction" Post will be released on Monday.

As you remember we have on german servers 5689 in total.

So whats about serious strange things here. I'll do the class-seperation another day and just look at real abnormes. Such as:

WotLK- time (4931):
102 of type all in one = 71 in one specialisation.
97 of the type I'm an useless hybrid such as feral-moonkin.
79 of I'll only spend all the talent-points I have at level 70! (both specs)
46 of 0/0/0 doing Instances or Raids without any point spend.

So up to the numbers. All of them M&S yes you got that one right (683).
15% of 71-Type
14% of strange hybrids.
12% 70's oldschool.
7% I' have skill I don't have to skill.

So did that change by Cataclysm? Yes clearly now up to the numbers (758, 303 M&S):
128 of Max(37)/X/X-Type
0 of strange hybrids. (as you remember no Hybrids since 4.0.1)
48 80's oldschool.
58 I' have skill I don't have to skill.

So we get a:
42% Maximisers.
16% 80's spec.
19% No speccers.

Yes of course the M&S are not defined by their specs alone. Some quite strange things also happen at the lower-average section, but at least the do perform. None of theese was 0/0/0-Type.

Plannings for next week:
-Diagrams (yes colour)
-Contunueing the translation process
-M&S correction center (yes that name is a bit sarcastic)

So first M&S interview ist Monday at 7:00. Have a nice Sunday.

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