Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let´s get started.

Since I really don´t know how mouch work this project will be I´d only guarantee one posts a week. Just as a small addition this blog will be done in german and in english, so it´ll be kind of double work.

At first I´d like to write the motivation to add up a "brand new WoW-blog". I started up a Morons and Slackers statistic when I started reading Greedy goblin. It´s been a few months since then and I got some numbers up. But that´s not all. I want to do more than to share pure numbers.

So what´s more in it than just calculating up all misspected and stupid acting players in WoW?
I hope to analyse and edjucate them. Maybe have some "fun" with all of you sharing the most interesting speciem with the rest of, let´s call it community.

So let´s get startet and add up some numbers for now.

7146 Players registered total. Theese are fractured into:
- 1412 so called M&S. (3k DPS and below on 85, failing movement constantly, dancing-in-voids)
- 4853 "average" Players. (I see myself in that section)
- 881 really good Players. (10k DPS undergeared and not missing a single spot of the encounter)

But yes that´s not all. I also have made two different tables for EU-DE-Realms (my home) and EU-ENG-Realms (home of the PuG and thereby home of my twink Ðesolate). So it´s time to bring both up.

5689 Players totally registered.
- 986 M&S-type of players.
- 4029 average Players.
- 674 really good Players.
So we get 17,3% M&S, 70,8% Average-Joes. 11,9% Godlikes.

1457 Players in total.
- 426 M&S-Type.
- 826 averages.
- 205 Godlikes.
So we have 29,2% M&S, 56,7% Average-Joes, 14,1% Godlikes.

In first sight it doesn´t draw a nice picture of the EU-ENG-Realms. But then I started to split up the tables once more. Into Cataclysm and WotLK based. Well there comes the interesting part:

EU-DE-Realms WotLK:
4931 Players totally registered.
- 683 M&S-type of players.
- 3631 average Players.
- 617 really good Players.
13,9% M&S, 73,6 Average, 12,5% Gods of WoW.

EU-DE-Realms Cataclysm:
758 Players totally registered.
- 303 M&S-type of players.
- 398 average Players.
- 57 really good Players.
40% M&S, 52,5% Average, 7,5% Gods of WoW.

EU-ENG-Realms WotLK:
682 Players in total.
- 124 M&S-Type.
- 431 averages.
- 127 Godlikes.
18,2% M&S, 63,2% Averages, 18,6% Gods of WoW.

EU-ENG-Realms Cataclysm:
775 Players in total.
- 302 M&S-Type.
- 395 averages.
- 78 Godlikes.
39% M&S, 51% Averages, 10% Gods of WoW.

And yes that´s more like it. As you can see it seems like M&S have grown bigger in random heroics. Maybe it´s also the new system that confuses many Players. I will be looking up the ones I recordet in WotLK to look at their specs and statistics to hopefully find some clearly M&S by that way.

Next Week I will bring up one detail of my staistic:
The professions. I will sum up how many players of what type have what profession and how far skilled. I hope I can get some of your interest by my humble attemt to make the so called community more visible.

Edit: Profession Post will be published 1/13/11 7:00 Berlin-Time.

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