Friday, January 14, 2011

Multi dimensional Performance

I'd like to poke a Stone here. I know I just have a very little audience (well I´m speaking to myself constantly so no real matter here) but I´d like to share some thoughts.

Player performance is a critical value as I think. You can define a DPSs performance only by DPS. Clearly this would be extremly ignorant for any situation unless you have an Patchwork-encounter.

There is one more value that comes into the game at all classroles:
Surviability. Well exatcly that's movement in many fights but also reaction and awarness as we know it from Thaddius (personal favorite) or Grobbulus in Nax.

And then another value what is a bit more tricky. That's what I'd call performance (yes I know performance as an aspect of performance. Not very creative).
That would be interrupting, disspelling, battle-rezzing and other minor tasks every classrole can do. Normally we have some assigned raid- or groupmember who interrupts ability X. But as soon as he is unavailable as by LoS or CC-effects another raidmember must take his place.

The trouble now is that there is a hard value for Damage by comparing it to DPS (a bit flawed but well, we should usually look at the total damage done). Tanks would be scaled by TPS or thread in total (has to value aggro resets here) and healer by HPS or Healing in total.
And we have a hard value for surviability as that would be damage taken. This naturally scales negatively (more damage taken = worse). Tanks would be differently viewed to exclude aimed bossstyles and include mitigration and avoidence positively.
But what´s about performance. We have to give "bonus points" here or some "stars"? Well you could call out fails, when someone fails to disspell or interrupt something. But that would mean half the raid in many times.

So performance would be normally zero unless someone appears doing something that saves the day (speaking of the eytreme). And someone who does his performance-job well gets nothing? Well he has a job to do what causes him to do less DPS / Thread / HPS so he should be granted something.

Why am I philosophing about this shit some will ask. Well I'm working on a scaling Addon that calculates ingame performance based on the events that you take part of. Including all of theese values. It is a way to valuate a player in a different way. Of course it must be balanced with Tanks / DPS / Heal to bring up an compareable scale.

But that would be finetuning unless the scale itself is not defined. Anyway, that should be enough speaking out a new idear of mine. I'd be glad to read some suggestions or thoughts about this.

Tomorrow at 7:00 I'll publish a little post about abnormal specs. I mean that kind of X/39/X - spec taking all out of one tree no matter if it could fit any playstyle or not. Worst things have been there in pre 4.0.1 as 0/0/71 Mages or DKs.

Addition: My apologies for messing up the actual release-time.

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